Lisa F.

I have been working with Aurora for over 3 years now. As someone who has been doing pilates for over a decade and worked with several different trainers, I have found Aurora to be one of the best. She encompasses the qualities you want when looking for a pilates trainer.

She is classically trained in the Joseph Pilates school and understands how you should be positioned on the equipment and how your body should move throughout the exercises. She is knowledgable , careful and attentive, teaching you how to move safely, correctly and effectively through a workout for maximum benefit.

She always takes into account your current physical condition and works with you to address any concerns or injuries, modifying the exercises intelligently to keep you safe and feeling good while able to achieve your desired result. Aurora challenges me and always keeps it interesting, yet never goes beyond what is appropriate for my body.

An added bonus: She happens to be one of the warmest, kindest and most thoughtful people you will ever meet!