Personalized Fitness for a Better You

Pilates Fitness Plus was founded on the principles of personalized service and one-on-one attention to detail. Just as no two bodies are alike, our private fitness sessions are custom-designed for each client, with exercise regimens tailored to the client’s goals and the unique needs of the client’s body. Whether you’re interested in Classical Pilates, Kinesis Training, or Fitness Rowing, Pilates Fitness Plus is here to guide you to a better body and stronger health, one session at a time.

Our welcoming, light-drenched studio – located on Main Street in picturesque Armonk, NY – exudes serenity and calm, providing a peaceful retreat from your day where you can unwind while you work out. We invite you to make an appointment to stop in and learn more about what Pilates Fitness Plus has to offer.

Read more about our founder and services, or contact Pilates Fitness Plus to schedule your first session today!