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At Pilates Fitness Plus, our aim is to teach the principles of the Pilates discipline while respecting the original work developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or completely new to Pilates, we will tailor an exercise regimen just for your body. In addition to matwork exercises, we also work with the following apparatus: the Reformer, High Ladder Barrel, and Low Chair.

The Reformer allows for finely tuned exercise resistance that facilitates the development of good alignment, core strength, and flexibility. The High Ladder Barrel offers challenging abdominal exercises, as well as flexibility movements to stretch and strengthen the entire body. And finally, the Low Chair is used to challenge strength, posture, and balance.

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Suitable for anyone from beginners to experts, Kinesis® is a versatile and unique training solution which is designed to allow the user to perform a personalized regimen of basic and combined movements to improve strength, resistance, flexibility, and posture control. By changing the working position of the Kinesis machine, we can design a custom a workout targeted for specific muscle groups, stretching exercises, and training activities.

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The WaterRower® GX Studio rowing machine is our recommended choice for cardio exercise, as it offers a full-body workout (utilizing 84% of your body’s muscle mass) while minimizing joint impact. Rowing not only achieves large caloric expenditure with low perceived levels of exertion, but also incorporates posture-improving movements while enhancing core strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

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